Andra Erickson Photography-Equine & Senior Photography - California | Guestbook
Martha Firestone(non-registered)
I finally got around to viewing your pix that your mom told me about. You are an amazing photographer. Hope you have lots of success in this endeavor.

Love to all the family.
Lesa Erickson-Sikora(non-registered)
Your photos are truly beautiful! You are an amazing artist.
Barbara Silva(non-registered)
Love, love, love your web site and all the pictures. Great job can't wait to look at them again and see more.
Gayla Brown(non-registered)
Amazing pics by a beautiful girl!!! Love ya!
Jill Weichert(non-registered)
Been waiting for this excited to see you soar. They're all just beautiful.
Carol Erickson(non-registered)
So wonderful to see your site and to hear all the great responses! Can't wait to share your site with others!
Andrea Reynolds(non-registered)
Love your work and love how you use natural beautiful settings already around you to capture gorgeous pictures most people can never get.... You see the natural beauty of the world around us love it!
Elisabeth Erickson-Noe(non-registered)
As always, stunning photographs! You have a gift of capturing the true spirit of the west as well as priceless family memories.
Preacher Ted(non-registered)
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