Cleaning Out

January 04, 2013  •  1 Comment

In the spirit on organization and cleaning out which always seems to come over me about January 2 of each year, I decided to go through the multitude of photographs that are taking up space on my hard drives.  I never seem to get very far in the process of organizing and deleting because I always get caught up in the memories of the photos.  Then the kids come in and we start reminiscing about them!  We stumbled across these and I just had to share the fun.  Although these photos are actually from Christmas 2011, I am posting them as a tribute to family in Colorado and snow; neither of which we got to see this year!


     Notice the joy on the girls faces and the terror on my child's!

    Then came the horses!!


A little painful but...
he survived!

Let's see if we can do that with two!!



Great pictures, as usual!!!!
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